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Multi-functional bot in EN , Auto-Assigned Roles on Welcome, Welcome System, Economy, Fun Commands, Customizable Bot Behavior!

🚀LuckyBot Commands

⭐Bot Settings

prefix > change bot's prefix

⭐Auto Assign Role

del-autorole > Remove the auto assigne role
set-autorole > Set an auto assign role on join

⭐Welcome System

setbye > Sets A Bye channel
delbye > Deletes the bye channel
setwelcome > Sets a welcome channel
byechannel > checks the set bye channel
delwelcome > Deletes the welcome channel
welcomechannel > checks the set welcome channel

⭐Economy System

work, daily, pay, reset, balance, leaderboard

⭐Admin Commands

mute, unmute, addrole, ban, kick, purge, embed, lockdown, 
announce, slowmode, addemote

⭐Information Commands

ping > Get Bot's Ping
stats > Bot Information
uptime > Get Bot's Uptime
userinfo > User Information
vote > Gets Bot's link to vote
serverinfo > Server Information

⭐Fun Commands

mathquiz, impostor, delete, jail, wanted, hug, 
kiss, kill hack, 8ball, wink, howgay, imagine, dankrate, 
stankrate, greentext, gamerrate, catfact, foxfact, 
dogfact, birdfact, catimage, dogimage, pandaimage, slap, 
grey, sepia, invert, avatar, achievement, coinflip, rpc, dice

⭐Invite Manager

invitetop, inviteinfo, inviteplayer, invitesettings

⭐Bot Suggestion

suggest > Suggest your ideas for this bot

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