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Filo is a multifunctional Discord bot trained for all administrative tasks. Supported languages: Spanish and English.


Information about Filo

Filo is a multifunctional Discord bot trained for all administrative tasks. Supported languages: Spanish and English.

You can configure some aspects of Filo and even the language using the config command.

You can get a complete list of Filo commands using the f!help command.


Information about Filo modules

Filo has some modules of interest that can help you manage your server in the easiest and optimal way.


Information about support

You can get help from different methods, which are mentioned below:


Information about donations

Filo is a bot F R E E and we are constantly working to improve it … in recent days we have been experimenting with a secret formula to grow money from trees, but it doesn’t give any results. That is why we need your help! Donating will help Filo maintain his Anime account!

You will receive some rewards on our server for each donation made.

You can donate to Filo in Patreon.


Information about the documentation

Having trouble setting up Filo? Don't you know what each command does? Don't you know the permissions that each command requires? Do not worry! Here are some links to the Filo documentation:


Information about the status of Filo

Filo is not available? Filo does not respond to any command? We may have some technical failures and therefore Filo does not respond correctly to commands. You can check the status of Filo on our status page.

Filo's Blog

Information about Filo's blog

Filo has a nice place where the developer's notes (weekly edition) and topics of interest written by our blog contributors are published. Check out our blog!

Vote to Filo

Information about voting

Filo is a Discord bot that needs to be pampered by users. In order to pamper you to vote for her on some pages of Discord Bots, in return, she will give you some points that you can use to redeem in rewards. Vote for Filo today!

ToS and privacy policy

Information about ToS and the privacy policy

Filo has some terms and conditions of the service that you accept once you execute a command or add Filo to a server. You can check these terms and conditions on our website.

"We" collect informational data in order to improve the user experience. You can find out about the data we obtain on our website.

Support server

Information about the support server

Filo has an official support server where you can communicate with our Developers, STAFFs, etc. You can also get personalized help and talk to other people with similar interests to yours. Enter our Discord server today!

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