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Prefix: e? Library: discord.js

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ElevenJay A Bot Have Command Like Music moderation fun image info


What This Is Bot?

This bot has features that are useful for your server,

• Moderation | ban, unban, kick, clear, mute, unmute, tempmute, slowmode, lock, unlock, addrole, nuke

• Info | ping, help, botinfo, userinfo, serverinfo, level, emojiinfo, avatar, servericon

• Image | speed, stonks , changemymind, gay, meeting, shame, smartcat, smug, tickle, slap

• Animals | cat, dog, panda, fox ,koala

• Fun | advice, math, meme, say

• Music | play, stop, loop, np, pause, playlist,

• Giveaway | start, reroll, edit

• Backupserver | set-bck, load, info

• Main | translate, suggest

• Oher | invite, addemoji, report, suggestbot