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Prefix: $ Library: discord.js

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A cute and powerful Discord Bot with a lot of game commands and a good economy system.

💰 Economy and games to get money

🔎 You can search anime , movies, pokemons and youtube videos

🔒 Information about your in discord, the guild, roles and emojis

⚙️ You can customize your shop in your guild

🔨 You can get Covid Information per country

👑 Roleplay like blush, bite, kiss, cry, hug and 50 more!

Examples of my commands

🎙 Admin

ban, jail, kick, mute, nuke, purge, slowmode, unban, unjail, unmute, unwarn, warn, warns

💰 Economy

balance, breakfast, buy, daily, depoist, eat, leaderboard, shop, shower, withdraw, steal, pay

⚽️ Games

coinflip, game, roulette, slots

🔒 Info

avatar, botinfo, emojiinfo, roleinfo, serverinfo, userinfo

🔎 Search

anime, movie, pokemon, youtube

⚙️ Settings

add-shop, check-shop, prefix, remove-shop,

👑 RolePlay

blush, bite, cringe, cry, boop, cheer, glomp, highfive, hug

🛠 Utility

help, invite, covid

And more!